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  • L_Quittre0
    President & Founder of ISSOL
    Laurent QUITTRE

    Laurent QUITTRE President & Founder of ISSOL - +32 87 33 81 64

    Initiator of changes - Laurent is graduated in Economics from the H.E.C. of Liège in Belgium. In 1994, he starts to work for EDS – Electronic Data Systems - as a business analyst for the banking sector.  In 2005, he meets Ivan Schiemsky and they found ISSOL. As outsiders, they  both have the the firm intention to do things differently in the PV sector. Their business model is based on the architectural relevance that they want to give to the PV technology. Laurent brings engineers and architects together. In April 2006, the production facility is up and running. ISSOL starts to make remarkable BIPV projects with very famous architects. Today, Laurent is the president of a company that operates in the building sector and which offers highly-technological content solutions to make energy efficient buildings. Laurent likes saying that PV is not technology but a new construction material to change companies’ image and to increase their sales.

  • JL Biname
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jean-Luc BINAMÉ
    JL Biname

    Jean-Luc BINAMÉ Chief Executive Officer  - mobile +32 496 29 41 61

    20 years of experience in large building site management, Highly skilled in scheduling works in co-activity, Has successfully led a number of large BIPV Projects.

  • o van Langenacker
    Partner-Director-Account Manager
    o van Langenacker

    Olivier VAN LANGENACKER Partner-Director-Account Manager - +32 87 71 90 80

    Man of action and passionate, Olivier is an entrepeneur. He accompanied Issol since its creation and is therefore very familiar with all aspects of the company and all its various realized projects. Most of his time is dedicated to definition, construction and commercial support of your ongoing plans. Always very thoughtful, he will take pleasure to meet you and find the best solutions for your projects. 

  • L Franssen
    Legal & Finance, Adviser
    Laurent FRANSSEN
    L Franssen

    Laurent FRANSSEN Legal & Finance, Adviser - +32 87 71 90 81

    Laurent has obtained a Master in Business Engineering in 2000 and has occupied several senior positions mainly in industrial companies.

  • Xavier Flass
    Solutions Sales Specialist
    Xavier FLASSE
    Xavier Flass

    Xavier FLASSE Solutions Sales Specialist - mobile : +32 490 42 43 59

    With a master degree in Business Engineering, he has a strong feeling for innovation and renewable energy. Available and result-oriented, he combines both technical and financial expertise in order to provide the most adapted solution to the most ambitious projects. 

  • T Hardenne
    Project Manager
    Thibaut HARDENNE
    T Hardenne

    Thibaut HARDENNE Project Manager    -  +32 87 71 90 84

    Mechanical Engineer graduated from the University of Liège. Started his career as design and test engineer in the Spatial Center of Liège. Involved in several research programs about renewable energy, he joined Issol in 2012 as project manager for the design office where he gained experience in electrical design and monitoring systems and participated in various BIPV projects.

  • N Hody
    Financial Manager
    Nathalie HODY
    N Hody

    Nathalie HODY Financial Manager - +32 87 71 90 81

    Master degree in Management in 2005, she gained experience as accountant in the environmental sector. Junior controller for 5 years in an international companyin the oil & gas sector, she developed management control abilities that she now can use in her daily financial management and internal control at Issol. She shares her optimistism and enthusiasm with the whole team. 

  • Sébastien-LA-FONTAINE
    Project Manager
    Sebastien LA FONTAINE

    Sebastien LA FONTAINE Project Manager   -  +32 87 71 90 83

    Civil engineer degree in constructions from the University of Liège in 2003. Began his carreer within the Saint-Gobain Group as technical prescriber and then product manager. His expertise and technical knowledge in glass convinced Issol to hire him in 2015 as project manager within the design office. Involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency he owns since 2012 a self-built passive house.

  • Q Polis
    Quentin POLIS
    Q Polis

    Quentin POLIS Architect - +32 87 33 81 64

    Civil Architect Eng. with experience in many public and private projects. Since 2013, he is working with the design office at Issol on drawings of plans, technical details and studies.

  • JD Steenacker
    Architect, Market Developper for BIPV
    Jean-Didier STEENACKERS
    JD Steenacker

    Jean-Didier STEENACKERS Architect, Market Developper for BIPV - mobile: +32 476 38 57 87

    Graduated from ISA Brussels High School of Architecture and specialized in energy, he worked several years as an architect between Brussels and Johannesburg.

    Got specialized in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and active building envelopes first in Paris, then at Issol since 2011. He now translates international architects demands to allow Issol to propose active materials that are highly adapted to their project.

  • David Otten1.JPG
    Sales & Project Support
    David OTTEN
    David Otten1.JPG

    David OTTEN Sales & Project Support - +32 87 33 81 64 

    David Otten, Project Support, back-office and digitalisation, has experience in cultural creation and education. With master degrees in both economics and cinema, he is an expert in multitasking and multidisciplinarity. Therefore, he guides the flow of information between the sales department and the team of engineers in order to provide the most adapted answer to our clients.

  • Dariusz Bochus1.JPG
    Dariusz BOCHUS
    Dariusz Bochus1.JPG

    Dariusz BOCHUS Accountant - +32 87 71 90 81

    Darius Bochus has several years experience in accounting but takes care of many other things in the company.